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Have you ever had to dialyze protein?

Your protein is in a buffer not compatible with SDS-PAGE and you need to run it on a gel. So you resort to dialysis. You squirt your protein solution into a membrane tube, hope the clamps on either end hold, cross your fingers, close your eyes, and toss your precious sample into a bucket o’ buffer.

Or perhaps you have your sample in the right buffer, but it is too dilute. You know it is useless to run it on a gel – there is no way you will detect it by Western blot. What’s a scientist to do? Turn to TCA or acetone precipitation?

Not if you are a smart scientist!

There is a much easier way to concentrate your protein or exchange the buffer. Smart scientists turn to Afyon – the SDS-PAGE protein sample preparation kit from Advansta.

Awesome Afyon

Afyon is a fast, efficient way to concentrate protein samples and remove buffer components that may interfere with electrophoresis. In less than 10 minutes, samples are ready for SDS-PAGE.

To use, simply add the Afyon resin to your protein solution and vortex the mixture. Pellet the resin (with your bound protein) and elute your protein in to gel loading buffer. Samples are compatible with both chemiluminescent and fluorescent Western blotting.

Using Afyon you can:

  • Quickly remove contaminants that interfere with electrophoresis (e.g. GuHCl, urea ammonium sulfate)
  • Efficiently concentrate protein samples
  • Have protein samples ready to load in less than 10 minutes
  • Avoid toxic chemicals
  • Prepare multiple samples in parallel
  • Save time

You will also make your lab mates jealous – they will wonder at your awesomeness (you don’t have to share your secret if you don’t want to).

Photo courtesy of Selena N. B. H.

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