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What do you get when you mix red and green?

If you are an artist, you get some kind of brown color. But if you are a scientist using Advansta’s all-in-one fluorescent Western kits, you get a lot of data for your time.

The kits contain all the reagents necessary to perform two-color Westerns in as little as 3.5 hours.

Why fluorescent Westerns?

With fluorescent Western blots you can decrease the number of blots you have to run while increasing your technical capabilities. Fluorescent Westerns allow you to detect two proteins simultaneously on the same blot. This gives you several advantages over chemiluminescent Westerns.

Fluorescent Westerns are ideal for:

  • Quantitative Westerns – detect your protein of interest and a control protein without running two blots or stripping and reprobing
  • Detecting two proteins with similar molecular weights
  • Studying posttranslational modifications

Fluorescent Western kits are the way-to-go

Sometimes starting a new experiment can be a bit intimidating. Or perhaps you don’t have the time to optimize all the conditions. Convenient kits with pre-optimized reagents can make sure all your experiments are successful.

Along with species and color compatible antibodies, WesternBright kits come with a protein-free blocking solution (AdvanBlock-PF) for increased sensitivty and washing buffers (AdvanWash) specific for use with the secondary antibodies. Pre-cut low fluorescence PVDF membranes also assure the highest signal to noise ratio. And for stubborn background fluorescence? Cut the glow with the provided background quenching sheets!

Advansta offers two different kits depending on your imaging capabilities:

WesternBright MCF

The WesternBright MCF kit contains secondary antibodies labeled with APC (allophycocyanin) and RPE (R-phycoerythrin) fluorescent proteins. APC and RPE are 10x more sensitive than Cy3 and Cy5, yet the fluorophores can be imaged on any imager that can detect Cy3 and Cy5 dyes.

WesternBright MCF-R

The WesternBright MCF-R kit expands your spectral view providing you with near-IR fluorescent antibodies (IR700 and IR800). Compatible with all IR imaging systems.

All kits come with:

  • Color and species compatible secondary antibodies (mouse and rabbit)
  • Traditional fluorescent (APC and RPE) or near-IR (IR700 and IR800) dyes
  • Pre-cut low fluorescence PVDF membranes
  • Advansta’s protein-free blocking solution
  • Washing solution optimized for use with the secondary antibodies
  • Background quenching sheets
  • Enough reagents for 10 blots

Save time and take the guess work out of your fluorescent Westerns today!

Photo courtesy of Selena N. B. H.

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