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10X EIA Coating Buffer
10X EIA Coating Buffer

Immunoassay plate coating solution

  • Reliable – quality-controlled coating buffer for reproducible results
  • Versatile – compatible with chemiluminescent and colorimetric EIA/ELISA assays
  • Convenient – save time using pre-made buffer. No more weighing, mixing or pH adjusting
AdvanBlock-EIA blocking solution
AdvanBlock-EIA blocking solution

Blocking solution for ELISAs and immunoassay plates

  • Decreases background
  • Decreases well-to-well variability
  • Decreases non-specific binding
  • Ready-to-use solution
AdvanBlock-PF blocking solution
AdvanBlock-PF blocking solution

Non-protein blocking solution for fluorescent and chemiluminescent Western blotting

  • Low background - Protein-free block buffer for lower background with certain antibodies
  • Optimized - Stabilizes fluorescence of WesternBright MCF fluorescent secondary antibodies
  • Versatile - Compatible with fluorescent and chemiluminescent detection
ELISABright Chemiluminescent substrate
ELISABright Chemiluminescent substrate

Chemiluminescent substrate for ELISA applications

  • Highest signal to noise ratio – for superior performance
  • Broad linear dynamic range – for enhanced detection and precision
  • Immediate light generation – for fast detection
  • Cost effective – and reduced reagent consumption

ELISABright Luminol reagent
ELISABright Peroxide reagent

HRP-conjugated secondary antibodies
HRP-conjugated secondary antibodies

HRP-conjugated secondary antibodies
for chemiluminescent immunodetection

  • Performance – excellent signal in immunoblotting and ELISA applications
  • Convenience – each antibody is demonstrated to provide optimal results with Advansta's protein detection systems
  • Purity – each antibody is affinity purified to maximize specificity