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Example of a publication quality Western blot.

This week in North America we celebrated Labor Day, which recognizes “the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

For many of us, Labor Day means kicking back and squeezing in that last BBQ with friends and family before the days start getting shorter and the weather cooler.

But I know on this Labor Day, as on all Labor Days, there are dedicated scientists who choose to forgo the hamburgers, hot dogs and watermelon in favor of struggling in the lab to obtain the perfect Western blot.

In honor of scientists laboring away everywhere, I dedicate The Western Blot Anthem.

The Western Blot Anthem

sung to the tune of the US National Anthem

Oh say can you see,
a band there on the right?
it is a bit fuzzy
and the background is too high.


But if I proudly plug on
and change the conditions
over, over and o’er
then success will come nigh!


And my band will be crisp,
and the background all clear
I’ll prove to my PI
that the band is still there.


I’ll get a publication in a top tier journal
And I’ll finally sleep
‘Til the next Western blot!


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