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Flashblot transfer buffer

Are you ready to transfer your proteins in a flash?

We’re not kidding. Advansta has developed a new proprietary blotting buffer that transfers proteins so quickly, we had tell you in the name. FLASHBlot transfer buffer transfers proteins to nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes in less than 20 minutes using a standard wet transfer method (wow!).

Even better – FLASHBlot buffer enables efficient transfer and membrane retention of both high and low molecular weight proteins at the same time, taking the guesswork out of optimizing conditions for multiple proteins. I know what you are thinking – it’s nearly impossible to use the same conditions to transfer those big bulky proteins while retaining those little, itty-bitty ones.

But we’ve made the impossible, possible, and have proof. Proteins ranging from 10-300kDa are efficiently transferred using the same buffer, in less than 20 minutes.


FLASHBlo transfer buffer’s high transfer efficiency also enhances your ability to detect low abundance proteins. In conjunction with Advansta’s HRP substrates for chemiluminescent detection, sensitivity is brought to a whole new level of Westen blot nirvana.

So, stop losing your low molecular weight proteins and leaving your high molecular weight proteins in the gel. Stop running and transferring multiple gels to detect proteins of differing sizes. Forget about optimizing transfer conditions.

Get ready to save yourself time and money.

Get ready for the half day Western blot

FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer Benefits

  • Fast – less than 20 minute transfer vs. 1 hour with traditional transfer buffer
  • Efficient – Simultaneously transfer high and low molecular weight proteins
  • Enhanced Performance– Increased protein retention on membrane resulting in detection of low-abundance proteins
  • Convenient– Use existing wet transfer electrophoresis apparatus
  • Easy Storage– 1 year shelf life at room temperature
  • Ready-to-use– No powder mixing or pH optimization, dilute 50x buffer and pour into gel tank
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2 Responses to “Get Ready for the Half Day Western with FLASHBlot Transfer Buffer”

  1. Rob Mensink

    Dear Advansta,

    Did you test this FLASHBlot buffer also in the BioRad Trans-blot turbo transfer system? Can we use this buffer in this system?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Bethanne D

      Hi Rob,
      We have not tested it. It will likely not work since this buffer is made for wet transfer systems not semi dry transfer systems.
      Thanks for your question!


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