Western blotting technical resources

Western blotting is a multi-step procedure which can require optimization of numerous factors. Advansta’s guide to Protein Analysis includes advice for optimizing numerous variables including:

  • Polyacrylamide percentage of gel for best protein separation
  • Amount of protein loaded onto gel
  • Selection of appropriate transfer membrane
  • Dilution of primary and secondary antibodies
  • Blocking conditions
  • Detection methods

Download the Protein Analysis guide here:

Protein analysis guide

Protein analysis guide


Advansta’s Western blot detection reagents

For advice related to specific Advansta Western blotting detection systems, please refer to the user manuals for each product:

WesternBright MCF user manual

WesternBright ECL user manual

WesternBright Quantum user manual

WesternBright Sirius user manual

Or refer to the Advansta FAQ page to find answers to frequently asked questions.

General Western blotting troubleshooting

For a guide to trouble shooting the entire process, from sample preparation to electrophoresis to imaging, see our Western blotting troubleshooting page.

General Western blotting troubleshooting