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  • WesternBright ECL
  • WesternBright Quantum
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Which WesternBright® substrate is right for you?

Advansta SubstrateUseSensitivity (pg antigen)Signal Duration (hours)Compare Performance to
WesternBright® ECLSensitive, economical choice for routine Western blottingLow picograms6-8 hours
  • Amersham™ ECL™
  • SuperSignal® West Pico®
  • Pierce® ECL
  • Pierce® ECL Plus
WesternBright® Quantum®Extended dynamic range for detecting low and high abundance proteins within the same blotMid femtograms10-24 hours
  • Amersham™ ECL™ Prime
  • SuperSignal® West Dura®
WesternBright® Sirius®Low abundance protein detectionLow femtograms6-8 hours
  • Amersham™ ECL Select™
  • SuperSignal® West Femto®

WesternBright® ECL

Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) substrate optimized to give bright and stable signal for a new level of sensitivity.
  • SENSITIVE – detect low Picogram protein amounts
  • SAVE ANTIBODY – use up to ten times less antibody per Western blot
  • LONG-LASTING SIGNAL – image blots hours after substrate incubation, no rush to get to the dark room

WesternBright® Quantum®

WesternBright Quantum provides a large dynamic range for detecting and quantifying high and low abundance proteins on one blot.
  • SENSITIVE – detect femtograms of protein per band
  • QUANTITATIVE – largest linear range and no band “burn out” at high protein loads
  • LONG-LASTING SIGNAL – image blots hours after substrate incubation



WesternBright Sirius is the best choice for quantifying low-abundance proteins.
  • SENSITIVE – bright, long-lasting signal to detect low-abundance proteins
  • LOW BACKGROUND – high signal-to-noise ratio to quantify small changes in protein levels
  • FLEXIBILITY – image chemiluminescence by CCD or film