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Fluorescent secondary antibodies

Fluorescent secondary antibodies for Western blotting

Secondary antibodies for fluorescent immunoblotting applications

Advansta offers a broad selection of fluorescently labeled secondary antibodies with a variety of conjugate types, excitable with both visible and near infrared (NIR) light. Choose the label and species best suited for your application. Each high quality antibody offers unparalleled sensitivity and performance for immunoblotting applications. Additionally, achieve fast and convenient workflow when using the dyes in conjunction with Advansta's WesternBright™ MCF system for multicolor fluorescent Westerns.

  • Performance – strong signal and no cross-reactivity in immunoblotting applications
  • Convenience – each antibody is demonstrated to provide optimal results with Advansta's Western blotting system
  • Flexibility – choose the label and target species best suited to your application

Cat # Product Size Price Quantity
R-05051-050 Goat-anti-rabbit IgG APC 50ul -/-
R-05051-250 Goat-anti-rabbit IgG APC 250ul -/-
R-05052-050 Goat-anti-mouse IgG RPE 50ul -/-
R-05052-250 Goat-anti-mouse IgG RPE 250ul -/-
R-05054-250 Goat-anti-rabbit IgG IR700 250 μl -/-
R-05055-250 Goat-anti-mouse IgG IR700 250 μl -/-
R-05056-250 Goat-anti-human IgG IR700 250 μl -/-
R-05057-250 Goat-anti-chicken IgY IR700 250 μl -/-
R-05058-250 Goat-anti-rat IgG IR700 250 μl -/-
R-05059-250 Goat-anti-guinea pig IgG IR700 250 μl -/-
R-05060-250 Goat-anti-rabbit IgG IR800 250 μl -/-
R-05061-250 Goat-anti-mouse IgG IR800 250 μl -/-
R-05062-250 Goat-anti-human IgG IR800 250 μl -/-
R-05063-250 Goat-anti-chicken IgY IR800 250 μl -/-
R-05064-250 Goat-anti-rat IgG IR800 250 μl -/-
R-05065-250 Goat-anti-guinea pig IgG IR800 250 μl -/-


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